Renters Insurance

Are you renting an apartment, townhome, condo, or house in North Carolina? Home is more than a place you own. We understand that your belongings are valuable and worth protecting. We can help you cover only what you need at a price you can afford.

Permanent peace of mind

American Harbor Insurance will help you understand the level of renters insurance required by your lease and determine coverage options that work for you. Your living accommodations may be short-term, but your peace of mind shouldn’t be.

Many renters insurance policies are affordable – maybe even as much as a daily cup of coffee. Trust us, those small payments pay off. Items like laptops, bicycles, electronics, family heirlooms, and more are all protected under your policy. Suddenly, a couple of dollars becomes a good investment when you need to replace a high-value item.

We can even bundle renters insurance with your existing policies, like auto insurance.

Get a quote on renters insurance

Don’t write-off renters insurance because you think it’s unimportant or too expensive. Our insurance agents will work to find a renters policy that fits your unique needs. Call an agent at American Harbor Insurance to ask about protecting your belongings.