Flood Insurance in North Carolina

Did you know that traditional homeowners insurance does not protect you during a flood? Since North Carolina is prone to flooding, you need to make sure you’re covered even if you do not live on the coast or near a river.

National Flood Insurance Program

American Harbor Insurance can still help you purchase and manage a government flood policy even if we aren’t currently managing your other policies. Working with an independent local agent gives you quicker access to benefits like:

  • Faster claims and customer support
  • An agent dedicated to helping you understand your flood coverage
  • Assistance shopping around and building the best policy so you can maximize your savings

Private Flood Insurance

There are alternatives to the National Flood Insurance Program that may end up being a better fit for your needs. Whether there are specific price or coverage needs, our agents can shop the private options and provide quotes for both the NFIP and several private markets.

Call today to talk about North Carolina flood insurance

Your agent makes all the difference when it comes to savings and security. Paul Badrock and American Harbor Insurance have years of experience working with the National Flood Insurance Program and can turn that into savings and peace of mind for you. Contact us to learn more!