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American Harbor Insurance can help you find a policy that’s a perfect fit for your family. We offer all types of personal coverage, including homeowners, autos, flood, boat, and renters insurance. We work hard to get you what you need and we continually shop for the most rates so you can have at the best price.

Auto Insurance

An auto accident can happen in the blink of an eye and cost thousands of dollars. There’s no reason to put your car or yourself at risk. Whether you have one driver or five drivers in your household, we can build an insurance policy that cares for exactly what you need – no more, no less.

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Home Insurance

Home is more than a place you rest your head at night. It’s a place that’s been passed down for generations. It’s where your family comes to feel safe. It houses all of your favorite keepsakes from when the kids were young. Doesn’t that sound like something worth protecting? We’ll make sure it’s the place you can come home to after a big storm. In the event of a total loss, we’ll make sure you’re prepared to call someplace else home.

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Flood Insurance

We’ve experienced treacherous flooding in North Carolina before, and since we’re in a coastal state, it will probably happen again. Will you be prepared? American Harbor Insurance can help you understand what the government covers under the National Flood Insurance Program and together we will discuss your options for backup flood insurance based on your individual concerns.

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Boat Insurance

A boating accident is the last place you should be thinking about getting boat insurance. Don’t put yourself in a ‘what if’ situation that all too suddenly becomes a reality. Our plans cover you in case of a damage to your boat or other boats, injury to a person, and other property damage. Being on the water is the best way to spend the day – and we’ll help you keep it that way.

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Renters Insurance

Are you new to the area and staying in an apartment? Do you prefer the more convenient, low-maintenance lifestyle of leasing? Whatever your reason for renting, you need to protect your belongings and yourself from accidents.

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